I guarantee that you are going to want to start collecting pine cones when you…

The 11 Best Pine Cone Crafts

Pine Cone Garlands for Christmas Decoration. Love its rustic look for decoration at home. Super easy crafts that can get your kids involved in. by oldrose

For children, life doesn't get more exciting than when it snows. A crisp-white garden, ready for those first footprints. Snowballs to throw. Icicles to spot.

While your little one eagerly waits for those first fluttery flakes to fall, have them build their very own LEGO DUPLO DIY snowman.

When I decided to go down the Self-Publishing road, I wanted to produce both e-books and paperback copies of my novels - and, having looked around a bit, and listened to advice from friends, I opte...

Createspace: Print-on-demand option

I have been tested over the past two years; in fact, it has sometimes seemed as if my life were composed of nothing but tests. No sooner had I put my metaphorical pen down from one ghastly multiple…

Picked up some of these clothespins at our Dollar store today.  Uses small black felt circle, toothpick piece, and a small spool.

Snowmen Clothespin Ornaments~ Turn an old-fashioned wooden clothespin into an ornament. Use paint pens to make face, orange toothpick for "carrot" nose and a black top-hat or piece of old sock or piece of an old sweater for a sock cap and scarf.

You know it's winter in Speyside, Scotland, when you hear. " The Cockbridge to Tomintoul road is closed".

We are so excited for the first snow! Tell me about your favorite snow day memory!


Wishes & Dreams . Wishes & Dreams .*~❄* “Silently, like thoughts that come and go, the snowflakes fall, each one a gem.

The snow-white flowers of snow-in-summer appear in cloudlike drifts from late May to mid June. Growing 6-12 inches tall, snow-in-summer also has soft gray foliage that looks terrific even when the plants are not in bloom. Snow-in-summer will spread slowly through your rock or wall garden if planted in a sunny, well-drained location. It does not like heat and humidity, so it may need to be replanted every year or so in the southern portion of its range. Shear off flowers after they fade to…

Best Plants for Rock Gardens

Plants that don't require much water benefit gardeners in numerous ways. This is especially true for gardeners who live in areas with watering restrictions and

Zurich Switzerland is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a world leader in the financial industry. If you have a “Swiss bank account” it will likely be here.  After making your deposit, you will want to visit these other attractions. 10 Things to do in Zurich   1. Bahnnofstrasse is a street to [...]

10 Awesome Things to do in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich (also spelt Zürich) is the largest and most popular city in Switzerland, but is also the capital of the canton (or federal state) of Zurich.

There were dragons when I was a Boy. They predicted that this will be the first sentence in httyd 3 and this makes me really... really sad :'(

There were dragons when I was a Boy. They predicted that this will be the first sentence in httyd 3 and this makes me really. really sad :'(<<<<who predicted this?