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When Is Dusk

earthandus: Rare Redeye Flatwing Butterfly. This butterfly is in the Pyrginae subfamily, they are large, robust and have the wings expanded flat when when rest. Their larvae are brightly in colours with pink and green. Butterfly is orange-brown in colour with creamy semi-transparence patches on forewings. There are the blue -grey veins on the wings. Its eyes are red in colour.

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(#11) As we learned in Dante's Inferno, sunrises are an allegory for new beginnings. When Tambu mentions that Sacred Heart is the sunrise on her horizon on page 274, she is insinuating that her new life at Sacred Heart is only just beginning and that she is writing a new chapter in her story.

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Rosa Wooden 2 Seater Bistro Table & Chairs

This neutral garden set is perfect for small gardens. You can still enjoy a casual breakfast outside, or as the evenings get warmer a glass of something fruity at dusk. Fold away table and chairs means you can easily clear them away when you need the space for a larger party. Cheers!

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A Secret Garden Party

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Photo (It'sOnlyNatural by kathy)

Ambiance- Daisy is talking about her life with Gatsby five years ago and says: "One autumn night five years ago, they had been walking down the street when the leaves were falling... the quiet lights in the houses were humming out into the darkness..." (Fitzgerald 110) In this scene you can picture where Daisy and Gatsby are and their surroundings.

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.I call them "my little sandpipers" because they trail along tittering away, oblivious to my rapturous joy at being here, and hearing their dear little titterings...I feel so close to the Creator when I walk on his beaches.

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