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When Does Winter Begin

Acupuncture for Arthritis // I wanted to share with you the love of my life & the most beautiful soul in the world; introducing Sasha. Sasha is nearly 12 and suffers with severe arthritis in the hips elbow and shoulder :( It's so sad seeing those you love in pain. At this time of year the arthritis tends to get worse. Her joints become much stiffer due to the cold and her movement ceases up - typical presentation of osteo-arthritis in both animals and humans! But by using just a single…

YES<-- I think fandoms are interesting in the fact that even when a character does terrible things we always look at their motivations and if they have a chance for redemption and I think that can be a really great quality.


I just wonder what this mama is thinking when she looks at those mouths. Does it look like she's hiding from them to you?


When Does Summer Start in the UK?


Daylight saving time increases stroke risk, scientists find

Turning the clocks forward or back by an hour at the start and end of summer may be tied to increased risk of ischemic stroke, researchers find

from The Telegraph

When do the clocks go back, what is Daylight Saving Time?

Home Office poster announcing restoration of Greenwich Time


Basin and Range Wasatch 800 Down Jacket - Women's

If you love winter but aren't crazy about the cold, the Basin and Range Women's Wasatch 800 Down Jacket is your new best friend. Designed for everything from taking your little one out in the snow for the first time to staying warm on a cold and clear ski day, this lightweight jacket does it all. Crafted from recycled polyester, the fabric is treated with a durable water-resistant finish to help keep you dry when the snow begins to flurry. Lofty down insulation traps body heat to help...


Hazelnut 'Red Cracker' Corylus, Hazel, Filberts, Cobnuts Hardy Tree A striking red filbert, with dark red leaves and pretty red husks with crisp white inner kernels. This vigorous tree is stunning in spring with its highly attractive foliage, and also provides winter interest when it is covered in yellow catkins which hold well on the tree. Hazelnut ‘Red Cracker’ is self-fertile and therefore does not require a pollination companion. Hazels will begin to produce nuts three to four…

from The Telegraph

Clocks change for British Summer Time. But why does the time spring forward at all?

Worker Bill Harper manually moves time ahead on the Market Hall Clock Tower in downtown Peterborough, Ont. on Saturday, April 3, 2004.