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When Do School Start

20 Classroom Management Strategies You Can Start Right Away - Click to get this FREE "I'm Lost!" label to label a bucket where lost classroom pieces can go instead of in your pocket or on your desk!

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Character Motivation Worksheet

Writing Worksheet – Character Motivation (PDF) I was motivated to create these worksheets on character motivation by a character. I did my best to simplify the subject but despite much deliberation I still don’t think my worksheets are exhaustive. They’re a good place to start, though. They should help you when you need your character to do something, but…

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Classroom Displays

I think something similar would be a nice welcoming display to create before term starts. It will be nice for the children to see themselves on the wall on their first day.

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We May All Be Different… | Teaching Photos - When I become a teacher I will definitely be doing this in my classroom.

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"All five of our ColorCards #apps are great to be used as reward activity for appropriate behavior Do you use them in this way? #SLP #SLT

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honestly, grading us on the mile is possibly the stupidest thing any school can do. i literally waste the whole week dreading friday, and then when we're walking laps before the mile starts my breathing gets weird and i can literally feel my heart beating in my chest and then when we start i kinda just want to cry. i spend the whole mile thinking about how much it could hurt to "accidentally" trip and get hurt to avoid running the mile. my grades stress me out so much and i'm not that fast…

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Sometimes it's okay to ask for help

I didn’t actually realise how much of a ‘perfectionist of life’ I was until my body forced me to slow down the pace. I’ve always been a super busy person and that’s just the way…

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I chained 220 with a 7mm hook (I always, always use a hook two sizes up for a foundation chain when I'm making a scarf - it stops that annoying curve) and then, using a 6mm hook, simply worked half trebles (half doubles US) in the back loops.

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Jia Star:-I've been doing this since i was mom thinks it's just a habit and wants me to stop.I had to take a half year break from school cuz i had an accident,i stopped doing this all that time i was away from school.Now i started it again a few montha ago and it's started again,Idk what to do,After reading this,i'm sure I've had anxiety all my life and when i lost my conciousness in the middle of classes and presentations,those are anxiety attacks,😢.i feel like crying cuz no one…

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