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When's The Full Moon

Remember its full moon tonight, great night for recharging your energies, and for setting intentions for the months ahead. I shall be taking a friend out and teaching him all about moonbathing, recharging energies and setting intentions :) xxx


One of the most transformative (magical) times of the year is March 10-20 when the Sun is in the X of Cups "rainbow connection" decan (10 degree part) of Pisces. This time is for active dreaming - and for transforming whatever stands in way of dreams being realized. This is the time to catch the leprechaun that will lead us to the pot of gold.


Tonight, just as the sun sets and the moon rises, let's take a walk in the crisp, still air. Let's listen to the crunch of the snow under warm boots and feel the kiss of the cool air on cheeks and noses. It's a good night to burrow deep under toasty blankets or soft, deep snow. - British Country Clothing offer a range of quality British made clothing ideal for country walks


When The Full Moon Falls by wyldraven. I love to frame these kind of pictures for Halloween to put in my house as decor.


Moonstone; Brings good fortune, Assists in foretelling the future, Enhances intuition, Promotes inspiration, Brings success in love as well as business matters & offers protection on land and at sea.