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Whelmed Meaning

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The 11 Most Wonderful Mean Girls Quotes

The 11 Most Wonderful Mean Girls Quotes


Whelmed, by Nicole Markotic. Each prose poem in Whelmed features a word that has been unhinged from its prefix, allowing new meanings – radically unfamiliar, yet uncannily intimate – to emerge from these prefixless word deposits. Part prose-poem sequence and part encyclopedia of unpredictably irregular terms, Whelmed is at times deranging, almost disturbing, sometimes detached, and always joyfully rupting.


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MEAN GIRLS Personally Victimized by Regina George white coffee mug with purple writing, Mean Girls quote


I kid you not, I gasped too with Rob and KF..... But I would have left with Roy because he would have done the same. Just saying..... Well...... Not unless batman was giving me the bat glare...... But still.....

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Wheels of Seoul

WHEELS OF SEOUL Sometimes you can be over-whelmed when it comes to take photographs and at other times you may struggle to find coherence, meaning or inspiration in your snapping. One way to get out of a rut is to choose a specific focus for your photographs. Taking a photo walk with a topic, colour, theme, technique or specific object in mind really focuses you. When you have a focus for your photos you can play around with other aspects of the shot.

Do you mean sunny Central City? No never go there it's full of happy people and sunshine


Profession: Full-Time Juggler -insert eye roll here - Sometimes I feel completely over whelmed witheither the lack of time I have to accomplish things or the fact that I manage my time so badly I never get thingsdone. I think it's probably the latter but don't tell my boyfriend that. So I thought I would do a post on my tips for effective time management. I mean we have all been there haven't we? Laundry to do a house to clean and also the very important maintenance of our hair makeup…