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Shopping list and meal ideas for spending only $20 a week on groceries -- Interesting. I don't know where she's finding wheat bread for $.80/loaf (maybe it's an old list), but it's still got some great ideas.


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Paper constructions from tracing paper and wheat paste, by Mary Button Durell

from Plus Ate Six - Real Food Made Simple

A very simple Tuscan pork ragu

Such a simple slow cooked pork ragu - you won't believe how delicious it is with so few ingredients. This is a one pot meal you'll be making over and over again. | Plus Ate Six

from BBC News

Wheat prices rise on Crimea and Ukraine worries

Fears over the stability of Crimea and Ukraine have helped push up global wheat prices since February

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Back at the end of May, wheat prices were down 2.4 percent, and after the USDA report, they plummeted another 3.5 percent. What’s going on here?


Food inflation fears as US crop prices surge

Food inflation fears as US crop prices surge Worries about world food prices are increasing, stoked by a 10pc rise in US corn and wheat prices in just a week.

Kim Anderson says it was a tough week for wheat prices, but there might be a small rally in the future.


Livestock farmers hit by rising wheat price

08/14/2010 - Livestock farmers hit by rising wheat price - The Telegraph