30 Fall Rustic Country Wheat Wedding Decor Ideas

Planning a late summer or a fall wedding? I have a brilliant and budget-savvy ideas for you, and it’s wheat! It’s a budget-friendly option, because you can buy wheat in bulk and there are no worries about its drying o.

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Pheasant Feather Floral Arrangement — this simple yet stylish arrangement by Summer from Simple Stylings adds stalks of wheat to the pheasant feathers and arranges them in a white pitcher.

30 Fall Rustic Country Wheat Wedding Decor Ideas

This would be totally fine with me! Spend HALF as much on flowers, go pick this yourselves and it's pretty and classic country look! Would go perfectly with old wine barrels and crates.

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Lightblue Italian vase with wheat decor van RetroVases op Etsy

Avena Green Oats Stack

Wheat Centerpieces, Wheat Decorations, and Wheat Arrangements. Wheat bundles make great decorations, wheat centerpieces and perfect wall pieces.

Wait, is that your living room in a suburb or is it a magical farmhouse in Kansas set amidst fields .

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Harvest Candle: A small glass hurricane is placed inside a larger one with about a ¼-inch space between. Slip in cut wheat shafts. Place a candle in the center (be sure your candle is shorter than the height of the inner glass).For shavuot!