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Wilfred Lang Greetings! This is a special announcement. I am officially offering my services to whom it may concern. I am very flexible with the work I will do. It is unnecessary for one to settle for what art work that one may see on this site, for all one has to do is contact me at my main e-mail address (

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Gigi Hadid wears skintight leggings to boxing session in NY

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Francis Bacon - Portrait of John Edwards, 1988. 'What attracts you about men?' '... I like their brain. I like the quality of their flesh.' Michelangelo shows the greatest 'male voluptuousness' than any other man has ever done'. We want to live in a state of voluptuousness, and everything else is a falling away.

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New York City on a Budget

Unique stories from around the world, smart travel tips and foodie findings is what Travel on the Brain is all about. Come join my world of wonders and be inspired every day!

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Stylish in crimson on the streets of New York, 1957. #vintage #fashion #1950s

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Magazine - Banksy "Better Out Than In" Day 12—21 Recap

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Breathtaking Landscape Inspiration #2

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