~ William Shakespeare

~ William Shakespeare Birthday is today, I wander what quotes he would used to capture these times?

The pain is a messenger asking for us to notice how we insult ourself. Listen. There's a sweet small part wanting to be reclaimed (not insulted).

Maybe people should find better things to do than shoving their opinions in people's faces trying to piss then off

the surrealism of this is what i like about this. i like how it is a male with a female and how his face is unzipping to reveal something else

surrealistic art - I know this is a painting, but I think I could make a mask like that and it would be awesome!

Ethics infographic. I've been playing with the idea of working on one lately, and someone already took a good first step. (Meindertsma, 2011)

I made an infographic, summarizing different ethical theories.

All except the hufflepuff... I'm a slytherin but hufflepuff isn't an insult

All except the hufflepuff. I'm a slytherin but hufflepuff isn't an insult<< I am also a fellow Slytherin and found that quite rude. Also, does no one remember Cedric Diggory? He was a Hufflepuff and he was awesome!

Masters of Portrait: Leading photographers pick their favourite portrait shots of 2016 | Creative Boom

Shot with the new 100 mpixel camera for PhaseOne - Hair Stylist: Morten Kongsbak - Makeup: Vivi Søderholm De Bruin / AgenturCPH - Styling: Ma.