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What Zodiac Am I

So accurate<<< Me? Bubbly? I have to disagree with you there! So but I am not bubbly! My friends know not to mention certain things or I get mad

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Why the signs can't sleep | Zodiac signs. 4:00am can't turn my brain off :(

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Stares into the abyss, laughs at everything. Questions life itself and can focus on anything.

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If I do this to you I am sorry. There are times when I dont talk because I dont have a filter, and I might accidently say what I am actually thinking. I dont want to hurt anyone with my dark and chaotic thoughts.

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Just like 'cancers'. However, I am not that good at dealing with the 'what should I do after'.

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I'm not that much forgiving also!? O.o okay wait I am pretty much forgiving with a lot of people?! :D

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