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ok so I guess I should introduce myself, hello I'm mayzi. I like the 1975, twenty one pilots, paramore, the neighborhood and lots of other bands. I like bunnies and goats, and I also like reading and drawing and eating. idk what else to put here so ya


Eye tattoo design is one of the most meaningful tattoos in the world. New tattoo idea with meaning is the mixture of ancient beliefs and modern demand. Everyone knows what popularity have the tattoos of ancient times and because of that each person searching tattoos that have high demand, deep meaning and popularity.!Tattoos-of-an-Eye/o4knb/5756d31f0cf24c9615a3c0ac


Mira Schendel Graphic Object 1967 Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros © The estate of Mira Schendel

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Uncommon dragon hoards

Uncommon dragon hoards by Lauren Dawson "So now I know what I would look like if I was a dragon and what my hoard would look like too!"


He said something along the lines of "it took me a few years to learn to draw like the masters, and a lifetime to draw like a child" and that just kills me What should I draw? I'm in an artsy mood. I might draw some locs? Maybe?? -Sam Sam The Sammy Sam Man


Si quieren aprender a dibujar mándalas o zentagle art en sí, les recomiendo a una YouTuber que es buenísima explicando y dando ideas. Se llama Dani Hoyos o Daniela Hoyos. Búsquenla en serio es buenísima.


so, I have been drawing some new things..... wanted to draw something small, so I decided it should be a fennec fox ^^ I used a ballpoint pen and watercolors. please let me know what you think!