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Genderfluid.--this is cute but it also saddens me that things are so absolutely gendered nowadays that by asking the bike question you know it was a "pink or blue" question.

Dunno why it bothers some people to hear that Dumbledore is gay. I also don't think it was for publicity's sake. As an author of a very involved series I would imagine that you would get very attatched to characters and make up backstories for them.


Meme Watch: ‘What People Think I Do Versus What I Really Do’ Reminds Us That All Jobs Kinda Suck

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"It is literally amazing what little kids can so easily get. When my mom explains why gay people couldn't get married and the way people treated them the little kids were just like, why? They could not accept the fact that anyone could not accept someone"

We need thousands of stories like this to happen. Millions. Until this becomes the norm and teenagers are not afraid to simply go out to diner with a friend.

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17 Times Queer Tumblr Totally Owned 2014

When the term “bone titties” was born: | 17 Times Queer Tumblr Totally Owned 2014: lol i love it

#and that's what you missed on glee ~~ Actually, if you want to understand current trends you really should check out "glee". They've been promoting LGBTQ rights, opposition to cuts in spending on the arts in public schools, and Jane Lynch's character ran for Congress as a Republican. It'll make you want to VOTE Blue, that's for sure.