Myth: child abuse is normally by strangers Truth: someone the child knows and trusts is more likely to abuse them... Educate yourself. Absolutely, even family members. Educate your kids from a young age so they know what is not ok. The way people treat them, touch them etc & most of all no matter what the abuser says YOU MUST ALWAYS TELL. Abusers are very clever in scaring kids into silence.❤️️Kindred

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Los Angeles based photographer Nicholas Alan Cope, whose superb book, Whitewash, we featured last year, has again grabbed our attention with another superb photographic series, Vedas. A collaborative project with fellow photographer and designer Dustin Edward Arnold, Vedas — meaning knowledge in Sanskrit — marked their move into fashion imagery through photographing sculptural garments of their own design, and to challenge ideas of what is acceptable against what is possible.

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this is kind of what I'm thinking, the wall behind the bed exposed brick and the other walls either white or a whitewash over the green that they are now....

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<p>We have covered the stunning architectural photography of Nicholas Alan Cope before, now comes the joint creative effort put forth by the American photog and, fellow photographer, Dustin Edward Arn

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Intersectional feminism is so important for this very reason. You might be the most privileged person and see no need for feminism in modern society. But take into consideration all those that aren't as privileged as you, because you're likely not looking very hard at what they're going through.

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A brass oil lamp hangs from the beamed ceiling above the table in the kitchen. All the oak rafters and beams are original.

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