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These personalised Christmas tree decorations are pretty and unique for Harry Potter Fans. A clear ball filled with a white snow inside with personalising done in vinyl. Any questions, please dont hesitate to ask! ** This is for 1 bauble only ** If you buy the set of 4, please let me know what colours and logos you require in the message to seller section when buying. ---SHIPPING--- Shipping takes 3-5 days BEFORE posting as all orders are handmade to order by myself. I will keep you…

from the Guardian

Frances Hardinge’s The Lie Tree wins Costa book of the year 2015

The Lie Tree: ‘not only is it cleverly the voice of a 14-year-old girl ... but it is also the voice of a precociously intelligent girl within what is a very male-dominated society’


This "Worry Tree" is a poster I would love to hang in my classroom. It is a resource I think students could refer to, when needed, to help them regulate their emotions and deal with their "problems" in an effective way. Eventually, they will be able to follow this process on their own, and develop their emotional competence - which is an important skill that underlies positive mental health (Reinke et al., 2011).


the website very frustratingly does NOT tell you what each photo is: but it has something to do with trees. Photo by Rob kesseler.


Nature's Embrace On a magical twilight night, high above the golden moonlit landscape, two trees embrace in a demonstration of perfect love. Their roots entwined, and birds singing joyfully in their branches, they give us all a lesson on how we should treat our precious earth. If only we could all embrace each other in such perfect harmony..!! Art by Josephine Wall

5 This is AMAZING! buy a home timeline Trees help to slow climate change. They also improve air quality in urban areas. Don't cut down trees for a new home or for yet more agricultural land to feed yet more animals for meat, or for palm oil plantations. Your daily choices (what you buy) affect what happens to trees. More


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