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from Vikalinka

Amaretti Tiramisu

Quick and easy Amaretti Tiramisu is a perfect make ahead dessert for the holidays. #tiramisu #italian

from Active Vegetarian

Vegan Tiramisu Brownies (gluten-free)

What’s better than dessert? How about 2 desserts in one? These Tiramisu Brownies are sure to be a crowd pleaser. The Brownie is dense and...

from Tornadough Alli

Tiramisu Truffles

A delicious holiday fave these Tiramisu Truffles take the favorite holiday treat and make it bite sized for everyone to love. Ok you guys, I just got back from a long weekend road trip to Pawhuska, Oklahoma. What is there you may ask? Why the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile. Which is[Read more]


What is tiramisu? Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made of two types of alternating layers. The biscuit layers are made of Savoiardi biscuits...

from SugarHero

Banana Bread Tiramisu

I don't like the Banana Bread Tiramisu idea..however..this is what got me interested in acetate sheets and chocolate!

from HubPages

What is Tiramisu

Tiramisu. 'Pick-me-up' in English. The most known from the Italian dessert recipes around the world. Espresso, Mascarpone, Savoardi are the basic ingredients of this superb Italian dessert.

Tiramisù cheesecake ricetta Umm what?! Is this for real or did I die and go to heaven?!

Tiramisu is a beloved Italian dessert. It's smooth, creamy and caffeinated so what's not to like?