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More find the difference - answering the question - what is the difference between these numbers- eg 9 and 3.

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Cuisenaire rods - something went horribly wrong for me with Maths after this stage...

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Great trick for teaching how to make 10. Students use a highlighter to find the "10" and then circle the other number with a crayon. Brilliant!

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The Abacus: A History "Timeline of the Abacus" How did people keep track of numbers before pen and paper were widely available?How does addition and subtraction work if you don't have a handy written form for your numbers?Say you can't read or write, but you can count - how do you add, subtract, multiply, or divide large numbers?The answer to all these questions is . . . the abacus! What is an abacus?An abacus is a device used for addition and subtraction, and the related operations of…

WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS ---> They cancel the number you started with out by adding it then subtracting it later and it doubles then halfs so that cancels eachother out too. And it halfs the six into a three

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