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Mystical Wooden Scepter Magic Wand Wizard Stave Clear by Queenie88, $235.00
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Mystical Wooden Scepter Magic Wand Wizard Stave Clear Quartz Crystal Malachite Dichroic glass

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Celebrating the Imbolc Sabbat, February 2

Celebrating the Pagan Imbolc Sabbat: The Marsden Fire Festival is still held each year at Imbolc in Huddersfield, England.


Ravens in the Snow, Martha Hofrichter (1872 - 1960), a German-speaker from Brno in what is now the Czech Republic.

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Recognizing the Elders In Your Pagan Community

Spend any time at all in the Pagan community, and you’re bound to hear someone referred to as an Elder. Let's talk about what that means, and who might be considered an Elder.

A lyrical Yule/Soltice performance with Music by Lisa Thiel Vid by WiccaNoita LYRICS: Chorus: Enter the night and you'll find the light, That will carry you to your dreams. Enter the night, let your spirit take flight, In the field of infinite possibilities On the longest night we search for the light, And we find it deep within. Open your eyes to embrace what is wise, And see the light of your own soul shining.

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How Do Archetypes Factor into Modern Paganism?

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How to Decorate Your Yule Altar for the Winter Solstice