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In this picture she is showing power by staring right at what would be the camera. The mermaid, serena will dress like this as when she trains herself to be a warrior to fight her dad to save her town.


OK so even though he doesn't have Bucky's metal arm on and all I'm imagining that this is when Steve has already found Bucky and like he's telling him different things about who Bucky is like even Bucky's name and his personality and Bucky's confused and doesn't remember anything about himself


You're beautiful, each and every one of you. You're all unique and special in your own way. Don't listen to what other people tell you. For you're beautiful and special. Believe in yourself. Be YOU. If you do that, you'll be the most beautiful woman on earth. I guarantee it. ;-)


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The Legion of Art Nouveau Heroes

What we need in this troubled world is heroes. Who look cool. And what looks cooler than Art Nouveau? The European art style popularized in the late 19th century is synonymous with beauty, grace and total mind-blowing radness.


the best part is... in her show WHILE she was on Disney Channel she was the left picture and stood up for girls who were like her and always stood for the side that everyone was beautiful no matter what! That is why I loved thats so Raven... I NEED to watch this now!

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Sleeping Beauty: Zita Elze Floral Artist At Brides The Show

Sleeping Beauty: Zita Elze Floral Artist At Brides The Show | Love My Dress® UK Wedding Blog photo: James Merrell