What Is Going On With Music?

What Is Going On With Music?

I'm glad we still have a few good bands keeping the rock spirit alive in their own unique ways. ---Bust seriously what happened to people's taste in music. Pop is taking over and it sucks!

This picture shows a load of what seem to be rock music disks which is why i felt it relates to the bands identity.

Friday Dopamine Dump (37 Photos)

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Marilyn Manson

I don't get why Marylin Manson is feared and hated when he actually helped a stranded fan and gave his hotel room to her. I LOVE MARYLIN MANSON!

Ramones & Sex Pistols

goofy and mickey showing their punk love for the ramones & sex pistols, nice

typo - Christoffer Meyer

Typography Inspiration n°58 !

this picture really speaks for itself. this instrument plays a big part in jazz and jazz history. id see this as a poster in a cool jazz bar or even in a music teachers room with other posters with different genres and instruments in the same design.


Good vibes start here (The Good Vibe)

This is no joke if u listen to sad music you are sad if you listen to super loud music you are normally mad etc. but lastly if you listen to good Christian music you are happy and a Christian

Jim Morrison (The Doors) Né le 8 décembre 1943 – décédé le 3 juillet 1971 Age: 27 ans  http://monblog75.blogspot.fr/2011/09/billets-la-mort-27-ans.html

A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself – and especially to feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them.

suspended in time                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

The Doors’ Jim Morrison on, or rather off, stage in 1967

Woodstock, 1969 - "One thing about music, when it hits ya, you feel no pain..."

23 People Who Prove Old-School Cool Is The Ultimate Cool

Old souls.☮ New Orleans, Louisiana kids.because i am one old soul.hippies for life ;

Janis Joplin, la chanteuse la plus puissante émergeant des sixties et du "rock blanc". Quelle allure à Woodstock 1969 !

If you want to feel like a hippie chic.here's Janis Joplin with some great inspiration of how to carry off the look.Janis Joplin at the Hotel Chelsea NYC 1970 photographed by David Gahr

yes fais le

Keith Richards - actual rockstar, sick old man style, effing hilarious biography and I can't believe he remembered it all since he's practically preserved from drugs. I will own his skull ring one day.

OH VALENTINE'S DAY ! inspiration par Les Cachotières

Strolling down memory lane smiling at the memory of some mixed tapes painstakingly made by those boys in love.I think I still have at least one cassette somewhere.