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The dazzling “star” near the waxing moon on January 1, 2 and 3, 2017 is Venus. Mars is also along a line between the sunset location on your horizon and the moon and Venus in your sky.

What is retrograde motion and why does a planet like Mars appear to change directions in the night sky? Is it playfully looping about in its orbit around the sun or is something less strange going on?


With the excitement of the beginning of 2017 having passed just a bit leaving us with another week of mercury retrograde I can't help feeling myself desiring to slow down a bit and take stock of all the planning already done. I revel in the forward motion that every new year brings but am also aware that just because the calendar has turned does not mean that moments are isolated in time what is yet to come often folds back on what has been leaving us wondering why we don't feel the…


Great news! Mercury Retrograde is OVER! If you've been holding off on starting something new, wait no more - the time to act is NOW! Mercury Retrograde is a time to REflect, REthink, REvise, REconsider... Now is the time in the cycle to ACT on those ideas, thoughts and plans. The message for 2017 that came out of our New Year Drum Journey last week was: Imagination + Motion(Action) = Creation. So... let's get busy creating! What are YOU going to create? #mercurygoesdirect


After what may have felt like a long stretch, the planet #Mercury resumes a forward motion again! (It went Retrograde 12/19). This is giving us a nice boost of energy + first wave of momentum, ah! Be mindful that this is Mercury's first day back, so like anyone's return to work, the first few days involve a bit of catch up and getting back in the flow! Give a little space and enjoy this new wave of opportunity coming to you!

These images show the apparent pattern made by the planet Mars while in 'retrograde motion' during 2014(left) and 2016(right) over Pasadena. The middle of the yellow line bends in a loop, giving the illusion that Mars' movement is erratic.