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What is retrograde? Sometimes the planets appear to change direction in the sky. This retrograde motion is entirely an illusion caused by the Earth passing the slower moving outer planets.


What is retrograde motion and why does a planet like Mars appear to change directions in the night sky? Is it playfully looping about in its orbit around the sun or is something less strange going on?

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It's Baaack! What Is Mercury Retrograde + What Does It Mean For YOU?

It's Baaack! What's Mercury Retrograde + What Does It Mean For YOU?--3-4x a year, everyone's favorite havoc-wreaking planet slows down in its orbit+ appears to move backward.From an astrological standpoint, Mercury is the ruler of communication, honesty, clarity+ even travel,+ astrologers find a correlation between retrograde motion+ sheer bad luck, bc the planet's going against its natural movement. But in reality, it's not--what's different is our perception of how the Earth is moving.

Amazingly, a single day on Venus is longer than its entire year. It takes Venus 243 Earth days to completely rotate on its axis, but just 225 days to orbit the sun. Stranger still, Venus is one of two planets that rotates in reverse, a phenomenon called retrograde motion. Most theories attribute the reverse rotation to an ancient planetary collision.


Each one of us is interconnected and a part of a much greater whole. Just as our daily thoughts and actions affect the trajectory of our lives and impact our environment so too we are influenced by the changing movement of the stars. We are now in an notable juncture astrologically in that not only Mercury but also Mars Jupiter Saturn and Pluto are in what is known as retrograde motion at this time. In addition Neptune will be going retrograde next month and is already beginning to move…