what a great idea. spices & canned goods take up so much space in a cabinet! * tutorial for a hidden roll-away canned goods rack. also put spices and things in it instead of just canned goods.

Stylish Kitchen Upgrades From DIY Kits

Give your cabinetry a customized look with wine bottle-sized cubby inserts you install yourself at great savings. This Sonoma Series Wine Rack is from Kitchen Source.

Overnight Refrigerator Rolls

Overnight Refrigerator Rolls What's better than warm, buttery dinner rolls? A batch you can prepare the night before. This oh-so-easy dinner roll recipe calls for a standard baking pan and requires only 12 minutes in the oven.

Dilly Sweet Refrigerator Pickles

Dilly Sweet Refrigerator Pickles - stores up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator in a 1 gallon jar (no canning required) ~ Our Simple Life Homestead

Ideas for Organizing a Chest Freezer

Here are some great ideas for organizing a chest freezer. Chest freezers are great for stocking up on food bought on sale.

Apple Pie Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal

I'm not really what's better, the fact that this oatmeal tastes like apple pie, or that there's no cooking required! Overnight refrigerator oatmeal that tastes like apple pie. 3 minutes of prep the night before and breakfast is

30 Fridge Storage Solutions for busy moms

27 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

Track your deep freezer items with a DRY ERASE marker. A magnetic strip with adhesive will keep track of the marker so you can change totals as you raid the freezer. I must do this for the garage freezer.

Infographic: The Shelf Life of All Your Food

Useful shelflife infographic to reduce food waste. Foods unopened, uncut or uncooked - unless stated otherwise - and their shelf life in the pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

D-is-for-Diabetes has commentaries about diabetes written by Dr. The title of this one is "Diabetes Alert Dogs Are An Unproven Concept"

Elegant and stylish refrigerator: Smeg

Matte Black SMEG Fridge with brass hardware. GORGEOUS (never thought I would say that about a fridge)

5 Ways To Make Your RV Refrigerator Work Better

Your RV refrigerator may be small, but it can still work just as well as a regular fridge. Follow these tips to maximize the efficiency of your RV fridge.

Fridge Fun Refrigerator Magnet ~ i've learned not to give out my opinion anymore.