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George Takei has a vital message for those misusing and misremembering Japanese internment.

George Takei has a vital message for those misusing and misremembering Japanese internment.

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Well put by another: This picture sums up a lot of what we were talking about in class today. Funny with Columbus day having been a week ago, the whole holiday is pretty ridiculous. Read somewhere that especially Italian-Americans see Columbus day as a celebration of their heritage, say what?? Celebrating a day when a person found a land that was never lost!

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Fixing Our Broken Systems

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Let me guess what her next move is. To claim I'm spying but yet she's attacking me for something I put on here or Fb. Doesn't that make you guilty??!! At least I don't gang up and bully people. Oh and I could if I wanted but I know how it feels so go for it again. Let's have another war or just stfu and stop.

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ur fave on

Hate is taught. Regardless of religion, we are all people. We must love each other and show respect for our fellow humans

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5 Geniuses Who Renounced Their Work

American History X Love me some positive race relations movies. One of the few positive ones! (observation)

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People dont be like this, just because someone is a certain race or gender, dont asumme SHI* OR TAKE SHI* FROM OTHER PEOPLE STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS

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You're Not Being "Oppressed"

This is what anyone who claims "reverse racism" will understand once they recognize and educate themselves about white privilege. Readings for Diversity and Social Justice is a phenomenal book that explains the multiple dimensions of oppressions, and the companion text, Teachings for Diversity and Social Justice, explains the theoretical framework of anti-oppressive social justice education.

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Sonia Sanchez. "All poets, all writers are political. They either maintain the status quo, or they say, ‘Something’s wrong, let’s change it for the better.’ That’s what my life has really been about."

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