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What Is Obe

from the Guardian

Private lines: Gillian Wearing's signs – in pictures

GILLIAN WEARING - perhaps one of the most recognisable portrait series. Wearing asked members of the public to right a personal thought on a sign, which she then Photographed them with


BBC Juke Box Jury 1959-67 with David Jacobs. This was a must see program on a Saturday evening. On the left, singer Frankie Vaughn, one of my Mum's favorites.


so true. LOVE is a promise not a silly phrase you say to every person you know. If I say it I mean it. You earned it, I didn't give it to you . Now try and keep it. Make the world happy and do what you should and say what you mean.


What's Wrong with School-to-Work May 1997 Education Reporter. In 1997 Common Core was known as "Goals 2000" or "OBE" Outcome Based Education. It was defeated then by the grassroots of parents and teachers combined. Common Core is just the latest rebranding of the same tired idea.