Professional Soccer player Hope Solo contributes two things to America: looking hot and being a good athlete.

Rand Paul shatters left-right paradigm, can help grow GOP Beltway critics insist that Sen. Paul’s libertarianism limits him.

Silhouette Man wonders WTF is wrong with Americans and our backward educational system.

WTF Is Wrong With Americans? This Guy Nails It.

Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong With Americans. I wonder when we actually got as stupid as we are. It seems we are rapidly becoming the dumbest country in the entire world. How long before we wake up or . will we wake up?

Debt Free Charts - I love this idea, especially to get the kids involved and excited!

Debt Free Charts: Visual Aid but you fill it with color as you cut down the debt student loan debt refinance student loan debt

What Are Bonds? A Great Infographic From

What Are Bonds? And How To Profit Investing In Bonds!

Ever notice how nobody ever says “bonds and stocks”? Mint puts the supposedly safe-and-boring part of your portfolio in the spotlight. The bond market is way bigger than the stock market and it’s time to get schooled, Bonds 101 style.

So someone asked who was the world in debt to? Here it is.

So someone asked who was the world in debt to? Here it is.

So someone asked who was the world in debt to? The meek shall inherit the world , but not its natural resources. the wealthiest 85 individuals have accumulated more wealth than the bottom half of the world which is billion people Yes that's

Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul

Funny pics, memes and trending stories

Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul It hardly seems fair. In a battle of wits, Rand Paul is basically unarmed!

Ancient grains: The best thing since sliced bread?  Nutrition Lab  Ancient grains such as quinoa, amaranth and spelt are turning up in the bread aisle. They're healthful and tasty, but don't always live up to their claims.  February 19, 2011

Ancient grains: The best thing since sliced bread?

Is The NSA Changing Bank Accounts?  January 3, 2014 by The Dollar Vigilante  Has the National Security Administration (NSA) been changi...

What Is Senator Harry Reid’s Involvement In Government Assault On Nevada Ranch?

Norway produces the largest budget surpluses in the developed world and has no net national debt. Norway's miracle was built upon the highest corporate tax in the world, a wealth tax, and a 78% tax on oil profits.  US Uncut & The Progressive

Norway’s Prime Minister explains how his country has no national debt: “Corporations pay the highest tax in the world, oil profits are taxed – the opposite of what America does.

debt payoff printables - what is national debt relief.debt repayment numbers 5162449167

Diy Debt Free

Buy Dollars, Wear Diamonds----A while ago we wrote that the USD is beginning a new major cyclical uptrend of the sort that lasts few a few years. We still think the same but add to the reasons we outlined in these aforementioned articles two further facts. First, that a key lesson of the ongoing financial crisis so far is that central banks get what they want on their currencies.

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Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Minimum Monthly Payment Credit Card Calculator

Little Steps: 100 Great Tips For Saving Money For Those Just Getting Started - The Simple Dollar

Are "Rural Opportunity Zones" a Good Deal? - The Simple Dollar

National Debt Was $19,947,304,555,212.49 Ten Months Ago… Here’s What It Is Today

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