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Masonry Cement Here is what you need: Stone Lime stone, crushed stone or gravel Masonry cement Level Cotton twine Large nail, pencil or piece of wood Wheelbarrow Measuring tape Manual gravel compactor or a relatively long piece of 4×4 Shovel Oh yes, some light shoveling is involved!

The safest route to Divine Truth is to believe nothing that you read, believe nothing that you hear, believe nothing that you feel, believe only what you know in your mind, heart and soul to be true beyond all shadow of a doubt. from “Masonry is...

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Be inspired by Gabrielle's cute cottage

Cute cottage with painted front door. This is what I want the front to look like eventually

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Think Your House is Small? Think Again. Look What Just 33m2 Gets You

Love house by Takeshi Hosaka architects, Yokohama, Japan, a response to Japanese urbanism that makes the most of the available space light and air in the tightly packed city.

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Roman wall still stands near the London Museum. Imagine the tales it could tell of the past 2,000 years!

Building A Mortarless Wood-Fire Pizza Oven #infographic #Pizza #Food

Building A Mortarless Wood-Fire Pizza Oven #infographic


Eating pizza is not an unhealthy habit, and definitely not an obscene one like many would like to suggest. The benefits and hazards of eating pizza depends a lot on what ingredients has the pizza you’re going to consume for lunch or dinner. But besides all of this debate, there is the simple pleasure of making your own pizza and eating it with your family and friends. For this result to be the best, a pizza oven will definitely prove quite useful. Building your own pizza oven might seem like…