What is lucid dreaming

We’ve created a visually beautiful explanation of how to get started with lucid dreaming or the art of controlling your dreams when you sleep. Lucid dreaming is a proven ability to control what you dream about and be aware of yourself dreaming as you’re actually dreaming. #infographics

i'm starting a dream journal! but it's terrible because usually i'm too tired or lazy to actually write it down.

Sigmund Freud, known as the father of psychoanalysis, believed that dreams are the “royal road to the unconscious.” This means that dreams can give you a glimpse of your innermost thoughts and feelings that are buried deep within your subconscious mind. We are continuously baffled and fascinated by what we see in our dreams. They may mirror what we are experiencing in our lives and what is going on inside our heads. To help us better understand what our dreams mean, here is an infographic…

This pin explains basic facts about dreams and explains common symbols in dreams and what they mean.

Top 10 lucid dreaming mistakes

What is lucid dreaming? Who discovered lucid dreams and can anyone have them? Welcome to my quick start guide to lucid dreams - a rundown for beginners.

Want to read some of my lucid dreams? Enter "Index of Dreams" in my Blog: http://midiariolucido.blogspot.mx<<<OHMGOODNESS its Percy :)

Control your inner oceans with the power of lucidity I am possibly addicted to lucid dreaming.) - we can do for free.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

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What Is Dream Yoga and How Do You Do It? - Lion's Roar

What is dream yoga and how do you do it?

What Is Dream Yoga and How Do You Do It? - Lion's Roar