What’s funny is that it’s hot chocolate mix

I can no longer resist the pizza. As I penetrate the gooey cheese, I moan in ecstacy. The mushrooms and Italian.

This totally measured reaction: | 22 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Summarise Crushes

This totally measured reaction:

I'm fuckin DEAD >> and for those of you who don't get it, the bottom image is from a vine... maybe try looking up "worse than a rapist" vine or something lol it's ICONIC

I die laughing every time I see this. Me and my sister quote this on the daily

This is what happens when you ask the internet to photoshop anything also HI JORDAN!!!!

why do people still unironically ask the internet for free photoshopping?

Friends, buddies in all different shapes and sizes...the common bond...LOVE <3

Friends, buddies in all different shapes and sizes.the common bond. I think it's funny that Abby runs from the cat but they are buddies.

hahahah...yeah it is......Thanks uzumaki naruto......you're the best......hey,that guy just like me...

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22 Super Funny Pics That Will Make You LOL

22 Super Funny Pics That Will Make You LOL If he swallowed it.wouldn’t it be glowing red since it is shining through muscle, veins and skin?

it doesn't matter IF you are 18+ if you're under 18, and your 'partner' is older that 18 it's DISGUSTING. END. OF. YOUR. NASTY. STORY.

Pedophilia is not and never will be supported by the LGBTQA+ community or the movement. It is NOT a sexuality, it is predatory and disgusting and damages children for their entire lives.

I can't imagine it either, regardless of whether my ancestors participated or not. What is that response supposed to do?

The west is on fire, the gulf is inundated, the Norks are discussing nuclear war, and Trump's response is to deport nearly a million people. This makes perfect sense to me, doesn't it to you?