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Darth Vader is extra and I love him for it

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Because ignorance is bliss. But knowing your saving hundreds of lives a year by going vegan is an even more blissful and rewarding experience.

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These 33 Powerful Images Will Stop You In Your Tracks... And Open Your Eyes.

Click here to see 33 powerful animal advertisements. They will grab your attention and make you think about who and what you support.

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Details about ORWELL brainwashing TV people media Men's T SHIRT 8 colours 6 sizes

Image from Dada. In the same way that these hybrid creatures represent people being brainwashed through what they see on television, I want my hybrid creatures to represent people suffering from mental health issues which affect their self esteem (i.e eating disorders) being brainwashed by what they see as beautiful.

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Everyone deserves equal rights and I think that is a view held by many men. As to a feminist dating I think many wonder what kind of guy would spend time with a person so angry and hateful who thinks their view is the only one. Is this all feminists, hardly, but I think it's different on a personnel level. No guy wants to hear their scum especially when they're just being a guy. Share and learn together.

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This is one of a series of photographs in a collection known as "the Spitalfields Nippers of 1912

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10 commonly misused words and cute birdies to make ignorance of them less painful.

10 commonly misused words and cute birdies to make ignorance of them less painful.

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Employee resistance to organizational change

Understanding the most common reasons people object to change gives you the opportunity to plan your change strategy to address these factors.

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"We need an extreme movement because what is happening to animals is so extreme. Some misinformed people claim that animal rights activists are terrorists, but these people are simply ignorant of who the real terrorists are - the companies and industries that torture literally billions of animals each year." - River Phoenix

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Well put by another: This picture sums up a lot of what we were talking about in class today. Funny with Columbus day having been a week ago, the whole holiday is pretty ridiculous. Read somewhere that especially Italian-Americans see Columbus day as a celebration of their heritage, say what?? Celebrating a day when a person found a land that was never lost!

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