MLM tips are commonly found throughout the internet. But most of it is not very valuable information…

How to Grow your Online Business Opportunity 10 Business Lessons to Learn from Baseball PT + 3

An eye color.:

Eye colour - What is yours

I have Emerald eyes that are sometimes olive green and sometimes green blue----> eye color chart

Data Size Matters Infographic via Data Science @ Berkeley.

Data Size Matters Infographic

Data Size Matters [Infographic] - Good overview of what all those bytes mean from datascience

If you're looking for a Windows replacement and don't want to spend the extra bucks on a Apple computer, Linux is an excellent choice. And you can try out Linux using what's called a Linux Live CD. Looks and feels just like Windows XP.

Sound problems are usually a simple matter to fix. Here's a quick troubleshooting guide on how to resolve most sound issues on any computer. Laptops can be a little tricky but most desktops are easy to fix.

i get its disrespectful, but so is the way life is. do what you gotta do, fuck the consequences! doesn’t FUCKING MATTER TO ME!

i get its disrespectful, but so is the way life is. do what you gotta do, fuck the consequences! doesn’t FUCKING MATTER TO ME!


Günther - props to the doctor; what is a Günther supposed to Look like?

Scarcely can you see any girl who disliked straight and shiny hair. For straightening you need heat, what is really harmful for your hair. Are you thinking is it possible how to straightening your hair? Yes, it is possible. Read the article below, you will get here 2 easy ways on how to straighten your hair without heat. #hairstraightenerbeauty #StraightenYourHairWithoutHeat #hairstraighteningtips

How To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

To straighten hair without heat, just mix a cup of water with 2 tablespoons of BROWN sugar, pour it into a spray bottle, then spray into damp hair and let air dry. idk if it will work. wont the brown sugar make your hair sticky?

what happens when nick gentry runs out of floppy disks to paint on? CDs just aren't the same :P

The Art of Nick Gentry Stunning floppy disk artworks by Nick Gentry. Floppy Disks Art by Nick Gentry Floppy Disks Art by Nick Gentry Art with Floppy Disks

When it comes to owning a home, it can get really expensive when you want to decorate, renovate, or remodel. There are always things in our homes that we want to change or upgrade because they either look outdated, ugly, or you just simply don’t like what is preexisting in the house. The good newsContinue Reading...

7 DIY Projects To Make Your Home Look Like A Million Bucks

References for various fundamental things - composition, balance of details etc. I don't have sources for most of these as its something that was lying on my hdd for a while, but you should be able to look it up through google images.

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