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Monday Money Quote: Environment vs Economy

If you really think the economy is more important that the environment, try holding your breath whilst you count your money.

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How to add a Gravatar to your email address

Gravatar, what is and should I use one? Blog posts I like :)

Newest GOP Attack on Women: Just Say No to Tampons...This is what happens when we let men make laws about our bodies.


Feminism from the West, specifically the USA, that is geared towards white middle class women, is not able to be transplanted to woman in other countries or with different cultures because it imposes our culture upon them without tolerating their differences.


The National Memo » Another Republican Senator Rejects Norquist’s Tax Pledge: The fraud is up, Grover and you should be facing federal indictments for bribing and threatening elected officials.

Trump Is So Afraid Of Megyn Kelly That He Runs Away From The Next GOP Debate (VIDEO) - He can't cope with a 3rd rate "journalist"? How in the world does he think he can deal with world leaders who will be a LOT tougher? Wimp. - If he backs down from Megyn, do you really think he will stand up to ISIS? What a ISISSY! - The Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president." Donnie Trumpet will ball up and cry in the Oval Office!

What? Is GOP Forcing End to Clinton Investigation? | Politics

This is what you Trump Turds voted for and what those who voted 3rd party or didn't bother at all helped to do to our country. Don't you DARE all yourselves Christian or intelligent!! YOU ARE NOT!