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Work each panel ensuring that all the fabric is glued really well. Make sure you are having FUN!!!

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Smelling Sensory Bottles Free Printable Labels

DIY smelling bottles made from spice containers with a cotton ball and a few drops of cooking extracts or essential oils.

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Make a candle at home without the use of wax. This candle burns for 40 hours and will make your apartment smell amazing! Who said you needed to pay so much for candles? With this DIY you will realize how inexpensive making candles really is.What You'll Need:Jar (Bonne Maman jam jars work great!)Vegetable ShorteningCrayonsScented Essential Oil100% Cotton StringScissorsNut (hardware)Skewer StickSteps:Clean and dry a clear jar to hold the candle inFill jar with vegetable shortening and leave…

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Aromatherapy is so much more then massage therapy, discover how this holistic methodology is used to contribute to your everyday health.

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How to Make a Happy Box for Bad Days

Great idea, but the contents need a major overhaul in my book. The last thing someone with depression needs is artificial ingredients, fragrances, sugars and such. How about popping a couple of magnesium tabs and eating a healthy snack and consider adding essential oils to the package.

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Stunning Lavender field, France - imagine the fragrance! ❤ ❤ essential oils with love

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Do You Need To Tackle Mould On Window Sills?

Tackling mould on window sills is a pain, know what to use to get rid of the mould is key to removing it for good.

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doTERRA Blender Salsa

Do you need safer, more effective health solutions? Essential oils may be the answer you are looking for. What is the history of essential oils? Essential oils have been used throughout recorded history for a wide variety of wellness applications. The Egyptians were some of the first people to use aromatic essential oils extensively in medicalContinue

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