Virginia Woolf | "She knew that something kept us from disintegrating. Woolf's art searched for whatever held us together. What she found was the self, the essential thing. Although the brain is just a loom of electric neurons, Woolf realized that the self makes us whole. The fragile source of our entity. The author of our consciousness."

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This is for anyone who wants a backup camera. Included are the mirror/front view camera, 2 loops to attach it to your mirror and 3 cords: USB power cord, accessory plug and cord with back-up camera. The instructions are OK but the video the company sent is great. There are different views for the backup camera and it can be attached to the electrical system. There is also a TF slot but no card included. If you want a backup camera or to record what is happening on the road, this is what to…

Wow what a great idea! How to build a SOLAR BOTTLE using just water, bleach & a plastic bottle helping so many who have no electricity! Read here:

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Static electricity - What creates static charge & static shock? Learn how to create & eliminate it

Ok, not a craft, but this one is becoming more of a problem. What do you do with an old computer?10 things to do with an old laptop. #MedinaLibrary #ComputerRecycling #Techradar

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