Beautiful decaying kaleidoscope bricks. Siberia, Russia.

Beautiful decaying kaleidoscope bricks. Siberia, Russia.

I think this is a very interesting picture because the focus is not clear. The colors really pop against the darker stairs. Kaleidoscope Reverie by alexiuss on DeviantArt

Just a little glamour can go a long way. A few years ago a good friend taught me how to do a great “smokey eye.” A smokey eye is a make up term that is used to describe someone’s eye shadow on a su…

Smokey Eye Tutorial

All the NAKED PALETTES from Urban Decay! My favorite go to shadows for every day. I also have done a lot of brides with Naked Palette when I freelance.

Best 24/7 Urban Decay Eyeliner Swatch Set - #urbandecay

These are one of the best eyeliners on the market. Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil Comparison Swatches Shades)

Growing up can be a challenge, especially in the teenage years. Some people use writing or art as a creative outlet for all the emotions they keep inside.

18-Year-Old Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions

Self Portrait of the Artist - Creates Surreal Artworks to Express Emotions - My Modern Metropolis Sebastian Eriksson

Patina Texture! Visual Texture  Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures

Nice color pallet Image detail for High Quality Rust and Grunge Texture Pack Resources

♥ Sasha Vinci    what is the priest was made out of plants... and you could take bits of flowers/roots directly off him? What if he was this mass that was rooted in his beliefs quite physically?

Sculpture Human figure Other - Artist Sasha Vinci (Scicli Italy). A community of arts professionals, an international contemporary art prize for emerging and mid-career artists and an online shop to buy and sell artwork.