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Schemochromes: the physics of structural plumage colors

I love talking about the electromagnetic spectrum. There is so much more to it than visible light... and electromagnetic radiation is so darned useful.


What Are Stem Cells #infographic

What Are Stem Cells #infographic #Health stem cell growht factors in Luminesce) on the Stem Cell Lift ~ a whole new level!


please... then there's shadowhunters but the tv show cast is way better than the movie but the writing is horrible. it's too 2016 when it's supposed to be 2007 and they're messing up all of the book order and forgetting funny and amazing parts


This would be a great poster to hang in a classroom as part of walls that teach! Prepositions are something that may be a little abstract for students to understand, but this is a great visual representation of what they are. This could work both on visual representation and skill within language arts. Students could then make up their own poster for another type of word, such as a verb.