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The Internet Reacts To #HeroCat

Captain America-The Winter Soldier. I watched this film for the first time today and I thought it was brilliant, the acting was brilliant, the characters were amazing especially Nick's "death" and Bucky working for Hydra. Now I need to watch Civil War!!!

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To betray -- **sob** I love Ward.....I'm on episode 12, I know what happens, and I still can't help loving Ward. This is hard-core denial, guys.

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Meme Watch: These ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Memes Explain Why They Fight

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"Your responsibility to other people is in your intent and actions, not in their interpretations." ~ 55 Concepts. You do your best to be clear but people often hear through their beliefs and patterns and for that you cannot be responsible.

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Parenting a New Baby - Common Illnesses and What to Expect - In The Playroom

Parenting a New Baby - Common Illnesses and What to Expect

Parenting a New Baby - Common Illnesses and What to Expect - In The Playroom

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Chris Evans || Chris laughs so hard, he'd have fallen over of Mackie hadn't grabbed his chair! || D23 Expo || I LOVE THIS!!! (1/2)

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Not the actual drive, as they were in Berlin, but the thought of a Bucky/Steve/Sam road trip is kinda funny!

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A moon (luna) on the inside of your wrist for the lunar chronicles.

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HE IS so immensely cute that it does not only hurt me, it kills me KILLS ME AND MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE AND KILLS ME AGAIN

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"I believe in God, but not as one thing, not as an old man in the sky. I believe that what people call God is something in all of us. I believe that what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and all the rest said was right. It's just that the translations have gone wrong."-John Lennon - I believe this as well.

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10 Funny Pics for Your Tuesday

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How odd is it that a guy who plays for patriotism is now insulting a true patriot? I don't care what y'all think; I'm a Trump fan. Keep your opinions about my option to yourself. Thanks and have a good day☺️

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Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff - he was trying to PROTECT her, and she threw it in his face. >> k I will just pin this bc I should be ashamed of myself for being Team Cap/Team Wanda, is that what I'm hearing? << It sounds like that's what we're hearing...

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It's Scary How Accurate These 23 Tweets Are About Dating And Relationships

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Comment below if you think you know who it is! (It'll be interesting to see who different fandoms think of!) >>>Newt from The Maze Runner

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Mysterious paper sculptures appearing around the city of Edinburgh at libraries and other centers of culture.

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