What is aau basketball

The New Hampshire Fastbreak, a boys AAU basketball program since 2004 based out of the Derry, SportsZone, is an independent non-profit organization that provides the highest level of competition for boys at the Elementary, Middle School and High School level in the southern and central New Hampshire region.

Learn about the pros and cons of AAU basketball. Kobe Bryant thinks AAU Basketball is stupid!

Showing the same competitive fire she did on the Williamsport mound, Mo'ne Davis is focusing on AAU basketball and challenging the best prospects in the country.

What is AAU Basketball?

Players need to pay attention to who is following them on the recruiting trail.

LeBron James cheering on his son LeBron James Jr. in an AAU basketball game #Fatherhood

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“Basketball is changing these kids’ lives,” said Anthony Clary, director and producer of the WILDCAT documentary. “It’s teaching them hard work, determination, and character building. Most importantly, it’s showing them a world outside of the projects, where they often see much turmoil and dismay.”

A few years ago, my son told me he wanted to try a new AAU basketball team. He had played for a couple years on one team and he felt that he needed a change. I had heard about a team in Roxbury that had an excellent coach who had once played for the NBA

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