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Chicory - Again, in my neck of the woods, this is considered a weed. But like I say, if it has a flower...... // ♡ No such thing as weeds, with a gorgeous flower like this! "NORTH AMERICAN WILDFLOWERS"....That's what we call them!!! ♥A

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That last comment omg hahaha. This really is true though. I was told variations of the aforementioned comments my entire adolescence and young adulthood.

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How to Create a Herbaceous Border on a Budget

Creating stunning borders is the highlight of having a garden. Seeing them in full bloom is what makes the hours of weeding and digging worthwhile. But thriving, luscious flower borders can be expensive, especially when you are starting from scratch. Fortunately there are ways to get rich herbaceous borders on a budget. Here are my top money-saving