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What Is A Wag

Marie-Esther – For a minute there I lost myself

Marie-Esther the style for this is really amazing and you can get lost in this picture but also it makes you wonder about the girl and makes you wonder what message is this portrait is trying to give you.


Tinie Tempah's style file

There is nothing I like about this photo except that it makes me very curious about what color scheme you pictured? (also after peeping Pinterest for a bit I would looove to see him in something like that electric blue cashmere equipment sweater we have. But this is for you to pin away your outfit (and setting ideas) but mainly outfit


Actually it's what changed my life - I changed everything around me and work at home now because the loves of my life are here and the only 'people' I want to be around 24/7. This is work/life balance for me and I only wish I had done it sooner. Re-jig/renegotiate job roles so that it allows you to work from home instead of having to go into work elsewhere. There ARE ways around things, you just need to find them :)


For adventurous dudes who can #letloose like Steve McQueen, we recc these:


Eyelash Gold-Accent Makeup Bag

Only I would find a quote that is relatable to my dog. I do love it though. Read the whole thing! This is so cool


Glass Pipe, Black and White Wig Wag Glass Pipe, READY TO SHIP Paul Brehm, Hand Blown Pipes, Cgge Team

Glass Pipe Black and White Wig Wag Glass Pipe READY by LoudActions, $36.00


SAFE❤️❤️ 12/16/16 BY LOOKING GLASS ANIMAL RESCUE❤️ THANK YOU❤️ RED - A1098885 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 12/16/16 A volunteer writes: Red! What an absolute beauty! And he really does have a deep, soft reddish coat that you just can’t help but admire. Red is very quiet in his cage and seems a bit shy– probably not loving all the noise in the shelter– until I get him out to go for a walk. As soon as he’s got his leash on, Red brightens up and starts wagging his tail. Red is…

10 YR OLD YELLOW LAB DUMPED BY "FAMILY" TODAY💔💔The holidays are a happy time for most...except for the dogs of Miami. More dogs are dumped by their owners this time of year than any other time...and this is when we meet the most handsome boy SARGE! Look at how SARGE #A0887943 was wagging his tail and smiling in this photo, not knowing that his owners had just abandoned him at the very same place they adopted him from as a baby. What is it about the holidays that makes so many people in…

He is a Baggins, of Bag End. He can speak in the way in which he wishes too


TO BE DESTROYED 12/20/16 A volunteer writes: Who could resist a sweetheart like Bo Peep? A dog who listens, sits, lays down, rolls over on command and offers her belly for rubs, all in sequence...and what a face! That cute little tilt, those attractive eyes, and her ears, up, down or flat on her head. She literally poses for the photo shoot. Bo Peep is such a delightful gal. Her personality is amazing, too. She is super sociable, welcoming staff and volunteers with an ever wagging tail and…