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PositivePrescriptionSM is about making life just a little bit better: the tweaks and changes that are life-enhancing and resilience-building. The focus is on building what’s strong, not just fixing what’s wrong. It is all science-backed, research-driven, actionable, productive and digestible. Never finger wagging or guilt-inducing, the word “should” is not in our vocabulary. Wellbeing is a verb.

OnderKoffer! MIX.092 (Oldskool, House, Trance, Techno, Harddance) / TRACKLIST: Alex Losy - Men's Rea (Fabio Stein Electric Mix) Antidote - What Time Is Love (Remastered Inspired Mix) Kaltenbrunner - Tribal Steps Art Of Trance - Madagascar (Remastered Cygnus X Remix) Megamind - Krach E.F.O. - Now RAM - Solid Hope (Original Mix) Private Productions - Sexdrive (Remastered M & B's Instructor Mix) U.S.U.R.A. - Trance Emotions (DJ Quicksilver Mix) Dominators - Dream Your Dream Wag & Misar - The…

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5 Rules for a Better Lunch Salad, According to Sweetgreen — Tips from

5 Rules for a Better Lunch Salad, According to Sweetgreen — Tips from The Kitchn

TO BE DESTROYED 11/20/2016 A volunteer writes: Even immediately after his arrival, Gage was friendly, wagged his tail, came forward and licked my hand through the door. The way he was cared for, and his attitude toward me, told me that he was a housepet. What a beautiful dog Gage is, so well groomed, tall, standing on strong and long legs, and so well dressed: strawberry blonde with

Halloween costume, Puppy Dog My daughter requested a tan dog with brown spots last year. Well no-one sells such a thing! I made this costume and it's ADORABLE with puppy make-up! The pants and top are 100% cotton basics from Wal-mart. The spots are ironed on. The tail is stuffed felt and sewed on really well (it even wags when you walk!). My daughter is 14 and has Autism, she'll never grow out of costumes even though no-one makes what she wants in her size. Maybe someone else can enjoy it…

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Tinie Tempah's style file

There is nothing I like about this photo except that it makes me very curious about what color scheme you pictured? (also after peeping Pinterest for a bit I would looove to see him in something like that electric blue cashmere equipment sweater we have. But this is for you to pin away your outfit (and setting ideas) but mainly outfit


Actually it's what changed my life - I changed everything around me and work at home now because the loves of my life are here and the only 'people' I want to be around 24/7. This is work/life balance for me and I only wish I had done it sooner. Re-jig/renegotiate job roles so that it allows you to work from home instead of having to go into work elsewhere. There ARE ways around things, you just need to find them :)


* * DOG: " Do you realize me wuz addicted to de Hokey Pokey, but me turned meself around ? "

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Marie-Esther – For a minute there I lost myself

Marie-Esther the style for this is really amazing and you can get lost in this picture but also it makes you wonder about the girl and makes you wonder what message is this portrait is trying to give you.