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Fabric Manipulation - neoprene top with cut & twist spine detail - fashion design; creative sewing // Dion Lee

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Amazing moment diving pair get up close and personal with a grinning Great White shark - and then insist the feared predators are NOT dangerous

How to tell a fake photo; does the light/shadow match on all subjects? If no, fake and gay

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What does unique mean to you? To use it means making people go 'wow' and showing them something they've never seen before and something they won't forget...

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Go Shark cage diving in Gansbai, South Africa This is number one on my bucket list! @Rebekah Ahn Sheppard Truscelli

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What Country Do You Actually Belong In?

I am a huge fan of lakes and rivers. One of the most exciting things to do is cliff jump, and I hope I'll be able to do that one day.

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Pirate Party Ideas

Liam had a pirate party for his 5th birthday, and this was my first themed party here is what we did (plus some extra’s for inspiration….. as I wasn’t blogging at the time so di…

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Pictures of the day: 21 March 2013

A whale flashes a killer smile as he homes in on his lunch, off Kona, Hawaii.The photograph shows what appears to be a big grin plastered across the face of a False Killer Whale as he patrols the sea looking for food. American photographer Doug Perrine, 60, snapped the shot

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After research reveals dolphins have extraordinary intellects and emotional IQs greater than ours, expert ask: Should they be treated as humans?

Research reveals dolphins have extraordinary intellects and emotional IQs greater than ours. #dolphins

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