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What Is A Pun

A Prick|Anniversary Card Love You. Even Though You're A Prick Sometimes. What did the Sunflower say to the Cactus? A funny Anniversary or Valentine's Day card for your husband or boyfriend

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I know it's a bit late but this is the best "may the fourth" meme I've seen yet.

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Hahaha.... Brilliant... I showed my parents this, and they didn't get it, so apperently they didn't know the meaning of rock bottom, so here I found myself, trying to explain this really bad joke, hoping they'd get it, and I get stuck with parents who don't know what rock bottom is.........

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i want make a pun but i cant think of any. <-- I guess you can't handle your own inani•tea. <---- this post is a traves●tea haha

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Community Post: 19 Hilarious Literary Memes

hunger games. What I love about this is in book two they talk about how the most symbolic thing that district twelve does when someone gets married is the bride and groom bake bread over a fire and then eat it together. He's the bread, she's the fire. <3

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Exactly what is says on the tin

Yeah what is Ren's semblance? He can project his aura well but that can't be it. Nora said in volume 3 episode 1 that Ren was 'basically a ninja'... So what can we conclude from that? -Erica^^

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PUNPUNPUNPUN But on a second note, I think about this all the time and it drives me border-line insane. xD

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