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What Is A Legion What about using them to fundraise for the British Legion?

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The Legion of Art Nouveau Heroes

What we need in this troubled world is heroes. Who look cool. And what looks cooler than Art Nouveau? The European art style popularized in the late 19th century is synonymous with beauty, grace and total mind-blowing radness.

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Poppy Crochet Pattern

It's soon to be Remembrance Sunday, and what better way to get involved than to make and donate. This crochet pattern is a great way to show your support for this worthy cause - just don't forget to donate to the Royal British Legion too!


"Never meant to be one of the Fallen eh, Alec?" "What?" "I dont know why they took you, the girl is stronger. Wouldve done better." "What the hell are you talking about?" "You shouldnt have been a Fallen. You were made to be a Legion warrior, your soul is too clean. Her's however... Too bad we couldnt work on you more."


Wraith or Shadows were once people who practised dark magics. These people tried to extend their life for many hundreds of years but the result was not what they expected all that is left of them is a soul that is deprived of substance and which the persons mind has been driven mad by its most hideous fears. Wraiths are ethereal creatures so they can move through solid objects, their faces are tortured souls and the presence of a wraith brings terror and they are noted for and area of…

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'Rome, Sweet Rome': Could a Single Marine Unit Destroy the Roman Empire?

Roman testudo (tortoise) formation. In Ancient Roman warfare, the testudo or tortoise formation was a formation used commonly by the Roman Legions during battles, particularly sieges. Testudo is the Latin word for "tortoise". The Greek term for this formation is "chelone" and during the Byzantine era, it seems to have evolved to what military manuals of the era call the "foulkon".


t’s that time of year again, which means one of two things in our consumerist society, and that’s which supermarket ad for the festive season is the best… Here are this year's contenders: