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from Etsy

The Blackened Kraken, Kraken Flask, Sculptural Glassware

F'ing amazing these creatures....Chameleonesque color-changing magical no. 8 legged hyper intelligent beauties who make eye contact in photos like they know what's up. And I think they do!

from the biology of belief

What do you think will be significant in the future?

The work that I’m involved with is with fractal imagery reflecting nature of evolutionary process, based on expanding surface area. Not a blank random unfolding of evolution but of similar patterns expanding, therefore we can see the direction of the future by seeing the previous patterns. -Dr. Bruce Lipton

She remained still, in her corner, but she knew that they were right. What was she, but a monster? She was chained, she had killed, and her mind was not human.

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What Lurks Beneath The Waves