What is a kraken

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She remained still, in her corner, but she knew that they were right. What was she, but a monster? She was chained, she had killed, and her mind was not human.

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Books come to life in this project from the Image Foundation. What book of yours would you like to see in action? (Getty Images)

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Poison Ocellate showing colours when disturbed . False eyes are well positioned to give the impression that the nearest pair of outstreched tentacles are wide open jaws in attack mode .

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F'ing amazing these creatures....Chameleonesque color-changing magical no. 8 legged hyper intelligent beauties who make eye contact in photos like they know what's up. And I think they do!

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Lovecraft's ancient horror, imprisoned and yet still potent enough to give mankind nightmares. Now that's a monster. Cthulhu

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