I am not a furry, but we need to all keep this in mind. Actually learn what the fandom is before you judge it.

Furries Furry Fandom Also, furries can be on four legs as well. It's called feral

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(open roleplay) AJ was hoping he would say, No i know your not whats wrong, but he didnt and she started to cry one she knew he was gone.

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10 Cosplays That Will Make You Rethink How You Feel About Furries

This would be such a cozy way to spend Christmas Eve- with some comfy Christmas themed pillows, soft, furry blankets, fairy lights, Christmassy caramel popcorn, peppermint hot chocolate and a Christmas movie- all from the comfort of a cubby!

Santa Glamping: It’s glamour meets camping meets Santa’s big night. Pitch a cozy comforter, toss in some Christmas pillows, string some lights, and grab some goodies to eat. Fill it with some mischievous kids waiting to catch Santa in the act.

Moving With Pets - It Can Be Done

Is there something wrong with furrys?

I don't have a problem with furries until they start getting into shit like "yiffing" and drawing animal porn. But, if you just like to dress up in a fursuit or have a fursona, that's fine, I don't give a fuck.