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What Is A Fraternity

Thoughts? I see a young man in a fraternity (ΩΨΦ) who just committed his life to a woman, with his LBs as his support. & she gained brothers, who went to hell & back for her husband, that will now do the same for her & support & protect her & that union. & on her end, a woman who isn't Greek accepting & respecting what comes along with her union with a Greek man. It has my support. #DopePic #WeddingPhoto #ΩΨΦ #gs3positiveimages #gs3network

What time does the Cruise Ship push back?


Fraternity and Protection. WHAT WILL I DO FOR PROTECTION?. Double Indemnity. Home for the Aged. and Orphans' Home. made by Whitehead and Hoag. color is strong and vivid. We have been full time MEMORABILIA DEALERS since 1974! | eBay!

What's Wrong with Fraternity and Sorority 11 15 16

So the main thing about this rp is that everyone is in a sorority or fraternity. Each horse will have 8 people. There will be the head of the house which week be one of the eldest boy or girl. Any questions feel free to message me!


What is mentoring? (Infographic)

What is mentoring? (Infographic) - Unsure what a mentor is? Or how they might be able to help you in business? Here are the answers!


None of us goes off and lives by his wits. We do what they tell us and they give us the good life. Goddamn hope we like it when we get it.


The Tuskegee Airmen. Extraordinary men who did amazing things that others thought Black people could not do. These pioneers achieved against all odds. What are we doing? What challenges are we undertaking? What obstacles are we overcoming?

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Which would you rather have your groom wear: a tie, a bowtie, or no tie