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What Is A Flapper

This picture was photograph in 1919, that means this time prepared change into totally new fashion look. Hair was cut off with a turban,wear a heavy make up face, wear backless top. And this is a flapper 's image, what became popular during 1920s


Worth re-pinning. The sexiest photograph of a woman I have ever seen. No thigh gap. No fake tan. No duck face. No cleavage. What is it about this picture?Myrna Loy - 1920's


Are The Expectations of The Great Gatsby Fashion Bigger than the Actual Movie?

Image 3 This film is a very glamorous film and a film I have chosen to explore as I think the theme and the makeup and costume would fit with my design and allow me to be more creative in glamour makeup


V is for Vintage- found this website in the bowels of the google search engine and the vidoes are worth watching for some good how-to info.