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What Is A Flapper

V is for Vintage- found this website in the bowels of the google search engine and the vidoes are worth watching for some good how-to info.

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Debating the colour of your baby's first room? Stop now - this is all you need

My wife decided to get our soon-to-be daughter on the right track early! She painted this in the baby room. And yes, that is a remote controlled light saber and a genuine wand from Harry Potter. -- Greg Daniels


This picture was photograph in 1919, that means this time prepared change into totally new fashion look. Hair was cut off with a turban,wear a heavy make up face, wear backless top. And this is a flapper 's image, what became popular during 1920s

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How Wednesday Addams Are You?

OK, to understand better why the Boss backed away like that, it helps to know that THIS is a picture of Little Hella. She was quite a snarky child, apparently- well, She had two older brothers, so you can imagine. Himself treasures all those memories but there are parts He'd rather not repeat. (And, yes, when They were adapting to modern American life, She really did ask if the cookies were "made with real Girl Scouts." She was an adult then but she'd heard stuff about the American…


ASD News An 11-year-old boy with autism drew this world map from memory -


Trapped in a loveless marriage Miss Otis begged her husband to take her on vacation. A cruise she suggested, on that big new boat, The Titanic. She plotted in her dreams to get him drunk and for him to carelessly get too close to the edge. Instead all she got was a new outfit with the ship embroidered across her ass.


(1920s) Wow, what an extraordinary photo and dress on the left....I wonder what color and fabric it is? The lady wearing it is a combination of curious and mischievous...with a cheshire smile that is captivating and captures the 1920's....Love the dress...The drop waist is tricky to wear but this one does it justice and the lady wearing it brings it alive!


Then there was the fad of carrying a stuffed toy animal—a curly-haired fuzzy poodle—whose head would snap off to reveal a cavity with a bottle that held ten ounces of “what have you.”

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Chicken tartiflette

Chicken Tartiflette: This indulgent French recipe is a real winter warmer. Don't save it for a post-ski meal, have it as a hearty supper.

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By Mary Berry

Mary Berry's Absolute Favourites: Roasted sausage and potato supper | Daily Mail Online