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Having a boyfriend…

What do you do with a boyfriend? Haha, pretty much what went through my mind after Brucie asked me out.


Supernatural vs. Buffy: the similarities are too large to ignore. So accurate. Oh my God. “Give up their powers for their boyfriends.” Best. Ever.


Yes... This is surprisingly true.. My brain goes from "What's gonna be for dinner?" To "What kind of guy will I marry?" And I do not even have a boyfriend...


Hi my name is Valerie I'm a secret agent/crime fighter my story is I first started out when I met my boyfriend Steve Rogers who showed me to S.H.E.I.L.D where they trained me to do undercover work! My agent name sweetheart bandit they call me that cause I can be sweet or mysterious. I may be a the bad guy or the good guy you never know cause you don't know me but I know you and can't tell what realm I'm in!


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My boyfriend and I broke up at the same day and guys started hitting on me LITERALLY on the SAME DAY. This is what I have to say to them.


Eren don't look at me like that i have a boyfriend!!! *Mikasa in the corner "Eren don't look at her like that remember you have a girlfriend!!" "Wait Mikasa who is the girlfriend you talked about??" "Oh my god Eren it is Mikasa!!" "Ohh yeaaaah well uhum okay!!"