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What Has Fiber

Currently, the Portland Airport has this lovely fabric sculpture by Sayuri Sasaki Hemann called Underwater Flight.

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Limited Edition Coffee Tee - 7 Days Only

... It's something deeper, something inherently present, in the fibers of my skin, in my tendons, in my eyes.

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This piece has been created using stitch to create text, it almost looks like emergent writing - you can't make out what it says, but you have some idea.

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Moss embroidery - Penny Nickels. I love the concept behind this piece. It reminds me of a magnifying glass, whereby the artist has brought out an area of the trees texture. Embroidery is a key interest in mine. I love the detail added into the moss and the varying shades of green which adds to the realism of the piece.

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Everyone knows that strength increases by more than muscle size after resistance training. Historically this was attributed solely to increases in neural drive. More recently it has been found that changes in specific tension occur after a long-term period of resistance training. Specific tension is a ratio of strength-to-size after correcting for voluntary activation and antagonist coactivation as well as moment arm length and muscle architecture. It is a measure of maximum (involuntary)…

Just Write or Draw: Get Started with Journaling

Cecile Yadro. "Ephemera" This piece is made from fabrics in bright and vibrant colours. What I like about this book is use of fabric creates texture and an overall a more aesthetically pleasing design. Additionally I like the tassel decoration on the binder of the book because it adds more texture and design to the book. I have chosen this because i like that the artist has used fabric and this could be a possible idea for my own artist book

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Holly Berry Holiday Gnome ALISTAIR the JOYFUL, Collectible Fiber Art, Felt Nordic Gnome, Christmas Decoration, Gnome Gift, Christmas Gift

Is he cute or what? ALISTAIR the JOYFUL is kindhearted and a jolly little fellow who will greet your friends and family throughout the year. Hes a magical gnome who holds powers that will protect you and bring you good luck! He is approximately 10 tall with a 3.5 bottom that is sewn and stuffed. He has a whimsical and unique look because the bottom of the base extends just slightly out towards the back, which I call the bum effect. Ive received so many wonderful comments on the design! Body…