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Healthiest Chocolate Cake EVER

This Ultimate #HealthyChocolateCake is #glutenfree, refined-sugar free, contains no butter or oil, can be dairy-free and even #Vegan! Only 7 ingredients needed, and it is EXACTLY like a conventional chocolate cake – even you won’t be able to tell! Find out more at


Cauliflower falafel wraps with spicy slaw

Cauliflower falafel wraps with an easy garlic yogurt dip and spicy slaw. These cauliflower falafel are only 65 calories each, and each one contains over 20% of your RDA of vitamin C! So easy to make, and so healthy.


What foods have gluten - what foods contain gluten

What foods have gluten ? What foods contain gluten ? "So you just found out that you have Celiac Disease….now what? Tips for those newly diagnosed with Celiac." link Common Sources of Gluten. Avoid Unless Labeled Gluten-free


What foods have gluten - what foods contain gluten

What foods have gluten ? What foods contain gluten ? Gluten-free Safe List almond meal, amaranth, arrowroot, beans and peas, dried , buckwheat, corn, cornmeal, corn tortillas, eggs, fresh meat, fish...


Gluten free foods. #glutenfree

Gluten Free Foods a helpful guide, especially if you're new to gluten free foods. It's been a learning curve for me, but I'm starting to really get the hang of making beyond yummy foods gluten free, my gumbo recipe is fantastic, and I'm making it tomorrow night.


The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to the Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet

Encore -- The kid-friendly ADHD & autism cookbook : the ultimate guide to the gluten-free, casein-free diet / Pamela J. Compart and Dana Laake ; foreword by Jon B. Pangborn and Sidney MacDonald Baker.


This recipe is a revelation. It actually tastes like real, traditional tzatziki. I have come across a lot of vegan substitutes in my time that do indeed taste nice, but importantly don't taste similar to what they are replicating (prime example: almost every vegan cheese). This tzatziki is different. It contains absolutely no dairy products, but the combination of soaked cashews and lemon juice [...]