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What Does Unrequited Mean

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What Does the Blue Rose Represent

What Do Blue Roses Symbolize? According to "Rose Color Meanings" (see References), blue roses symbolize "mystery or something desired but unattainable." An individual experiencing unrequited love could present a blue rose to his or her object of affection.


"Do you love me?" You can only say it when were together. Does that mean something? Does it mean that you don't and you can't ignore me when we are together? Do you say it to anyone else? Am I really different? Was there ever anything special about me. If we were both single could we be together? I just don't know what to do without you. I just don't know. I want you to work hard and heal your heart and soul. And then I want us to be together. Sigh.


Scarlett has finally realized that Ashley will never love her. "Oh Ashley. You really love her don't you? Ashley you should have told me years ago that you loved her and not me....and not left me dangling with your talk of honor. But you had to wait till when Melly's show me that I could never mean more to you than....that this Watling woman does to Rhett. And I've loved something that doesn't really exist."


I mean what hope does love have in a world where our hearts are born in rib-cages like they’ve already done something wrong. — Beau Taplin (@beautaplin) November 16, 2013